• shane says:

    Going through backwards was the cherry on top! great work.

  • Jorja E says:

    Yeah, love the aerobatics! Mansion looks awesome so far! Also looks like it’s dried up a bit since the Great Ram Rescue, eh?

  • Eric says:

    Incredible! This is my dream to build something like this, by hand, someday. My carpentry is just nowhere near where it needs to be though. At this point I’m happy I built some awesome shelving and a shed!

    One thought I had is it would be awesome to be able to put where these things are in perspective. If it wouldn’t be too hard, I would love to see a map of the farm and a “you are here” pointer for stuff like this.

  • Alex says:

    Looks fantastic! We’ve been eyeing the small/tiny home movement for a couple of years now, and this is a design we’ve never seen. We sold our home and are living in a camper until we can get our tiny cabin built.

  • Erik says:

    Wow! Is this for living in or for storage/work?

  • Chris says:

    Looking good!
    Is it going to have full amenities? Kitchen, bathroom etc.

  • Eric says:

    How do you get passwords for these videos?

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