• MadMax478 says:

    Now thats some kinda slipper MUD…

  • Jorja says:

    Oy, what nasty chit. Like brown ice.

    And Kelly, handling that winch cable with bare hands? Gave me the creeps; steel slivers are not fun. Great recovery though, thanks for sharing it!

    PS: I want your Jeep.

  • Mick says:

    I’d send this off to Warn and see if you can get some cross promotion on their Facebook page or something…

  • Jake says:

    This reminds me when I was in school, my dad had an 8k lb Warn winch on the front of his 1972 Toyota Landcruiser… we used that thing for many rescues… A water truck that his load shifted and sent him into a ditch. We watched for 30 minutes while a cherry picker messed about and never did any good. My dad finally talked them into giving him a chance (they thought there was no way) Of course, it pulled it right out… I used to make gas money going around when we had a month of ice/snow on the ground (TN) and pull folks out that would wind up in the ditch… get you some studded tires + winch and you are invincible.

    A bonus story, no winch involved but impressive just the same. When an 18 wheeler was caught in a “blizzard” on “Denver Hill” and couldn’t go up or down. We used Redneck Power as we daisy-chained 12 four-wheel drives with chains and pulled that puppy up about a 6% grade about 3/4 a mile. My dad was on point and because he didn’t have an “anchor” he was fishing back and forth… but when he let off the gas there was NO slack in the chain… that Toyota did it’s job… No youtube or facebook back then, shucks.

    Oh yeah, Kelly, one time I was pulling my dad’s friend out of a ditch and the winch control “froze up” and would not turn off… pulled his truck straight up bumper to bumper until the winch just whined as it locked together… had to pull the negative lead off the battery to turn the winch off… didn’t hurt it though.

  • DrRichard says:

    You need several truckloads of gravel spread, leveled, and compacted on that road.

  • jarrett says:

    Great team work. Good job and nice rig, Kelly. What are the 3 things in Permaculture to consider first when developing a property? Water, ACCESS, structures. LOL I’m glad everyone is ok. Could have been worse, if just for the loss of Jesse ‘ s truck.

  • Marie says:

    Good rescue! Of course, if you were Dodge was a Toyota then it wouldn’t have gotten stuck. Or if the Jeep was a Toyota it wouldn’t have needed to use the winch. Hehehe, just joking. 🙂 Great job on making it a useable lesson for all. A lot of people don’t know how to use a winch correctly.

  • bill says:

    Why are jeeps always bailing out every other 4×4 vehicles?

  • Russell says:

    It’s already been said, but it looked like it would have been easier if it was ICE. That mud looked worse.

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