More on community

More on community - Episode 16 Show Notes

Round 1: “Huge-mongous”

1:07 Powerful humor needs

1:42 A woman taking a video of a man

2:31 Take it to crazy land

2:55 New YouTube feature

4:10 An amazing job of keeping his cool

5:40 The bigger picture

Round 2: A powder keg of it’s own

6:55 Political correctness

7:20 Social justice warriors

8:25 Continuing to un-equal rights

10:15 Guilty until proven innocent

11:15 Desperately need a recipe

12:15 Getting a massive support network

Round 3: Passion & incubation

13:35 Flavors of community & permaculture

14:15 Facilitate to create

14:33 Code name: Thrive Through (

15:45 Paul’s quirks

16:30 Giving up control

18:23 Not a show stopper

Round 4: Freedom 19:12

19:36 Not part of the freedom package

20:21 Implementing systems

21:52 A thousand things that are (un)acceptable

Round 5: Interacting with others

23:08 Social justice crazy

23:40 Difficult to get in, easy to get out

24:40 Defend these people


26:12 Willingness to say “Intentional Community”

Round 6: Designing decency 27:17

27:50 WIldfire spreading

29:07 Pioneers of intentional communities

Round 7: Making a leap

31:18 An acre of deep roots

33:06 The key is…

33:58 Re-sell restrictions

35:00 This is the time to start!

36:20 Community comes in many flavors

36:55 95% off a natural swimming pool

37:54 Bike-ped community

Round 8: Growing at Wheaton Labs

38:08 Music, joy and laughter

39:08 Devoted to living

40:11 Until winter comes, grasshopper!

41:10 Precisely your own pace

42:45 Accomplishing a transition


Round 9: Exchange for improvements 44:04

44:33 Motivated, can replicate

46:18 The improvements belong to me

47:19 Awful or lovely

48:10 Methodology of building community

Round 10: The kickass scale

50:28 Growing kickass people

51:38 Who gets the candy?

52:40 People doing a kickass job

53:24 That kickass element

Round 11: It’s okay to want 15k! 54:00

56:12 Glad not going to live there anymore

56:34 Work for an acre of Deep Roots

56:54 Podcast availabe on iTunes!


59:02 I hate HOA’s!

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Paul Wheaton Bio Photo

Paul Wheaton

Paul Wheaton is the tyrannical dictator of, the largest permaculture forum on the web. As a certified master gardener and permaculture designer, he’s built an empire around what he calls, ‘infecting brains with permaculture’. His forums are full of rich information, and there are a number of great free resources, guides, and articles that can be found on his sister site, as well.


Partner, Director of Education PermaEthos

Josiah Wallingford is a permaculture instructor, Partner and Director of Education for PermaEthos, and Owner of Brink of Freedom.

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