Membership Marketing – Stefan Sobkowiak

Membership Marketing

  • Ways to sell
  • Booker T. Whatley
  • Our experience with membership
  • Membership advantages
  • Every product has a Story
  • How to get, keep and refuse members
  • What business am I in
  • Get PR

Meet Your Presenter

Stefan Sobkowiak

Photo by Olivier Asselin

Stefan grew up on a small farm in Quebec, Canada. Fascinated with the natural world he thought biologists save the world. He trained as a wildlife biologist then Mastered in animal behaviour. Realising biologists often measure the decline of populations he looked at what professions affect the land and realized landscape architects do. He obtained a Masters in Landscape architecture. Operated a landscape design office for 20 years specialising in designs to attract wildlife during which time he was a sessional lecturer at McGill University for 8 years teaching: fruit production, landscape plants and design, and natural history of vertebrates. Since 1988 a professional speaker with over 500 local and international presentations. Since 1992 is co-owner of a small 12 acre farm orchard that transitioned to organic upon purchase. Then operated as a certified organic monoculture apple orchard. In 1996 mostly removed, redesigned and in 1997 began replanting as a high biodiversity permaculture orchard with a goal of generating $1 per/ft2. The result is documented in an educational film by Olivier Asselin “The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic” and his new companion book to the film. Teacher, trainer, mentor, designer, farmer, father, all in a days work.


Meet Your Moderator

Partner, Director of Education PermaEthos

Josiah Wallingford started working for Hewlett Packard at the age of 15 as a technical support representative. By age 17 he was a national technical support trainer for HP technical support representative.
When he turned 18, Josiah joined the U.S. Army as an active duty 19D (Cavalry Scout). While in the military he trained army units heading to Iraq and Afghanistan at Fort Irwin, the National Training Center (N.T.C.). He did one 13 month tour in Afghanistan attached to the 101st Airborn Division stationed at Camp Delta in Bagram Airfield where he toured and monitored the Parwan, Bamyan and Panjshir provinces.
After an honorable discharge from the military after eight years of service he became a project manager for what is now SmartTV where he installed high speed internet (HSIA) and video on demand platforms in luxury hotels throughout the United States.
In 2013 Josiah applied for and was awarded an internship with Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Josiah and Jack become close friends and formed PermaEthos with three additional business partners in 2014 where he is now the Director of Education.

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