• Ed says:

    Won’t take the correct password

  • Hope says:

    I did not receive a password that I can see.
    Also, has the PDC launched yet? If it has, where do I find it? Sorry, just trying to find my way around. Excited about starting and totally understand the delay. Not a problem.

  • derick hudgins says:

    Another very good video guys. Can’t wait to see it holding and moving some water!

  • Wallace says:

    The vids really help solidify the book knowledge. Thanks guys!

  • Russell says:

    Great explanation!!

  • Jorja E says:

    Test for leaks BEFORE covering with 12+ feet of material – now there’s a plan! Yet I wonder how often that step is overlooked in the rush to get a job done? Great stuff you guys!

  • Kerry says:

    Interesting to actually see these materials before they’re buried. Now, I know I’m a suburb rat with no skills or network, but how in the world do you source all this stuff–plates, pipe, welding, dozer ops who know this stuff? I waste so much time on sourcing simple stuff, cause all I know is Amazon.

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