How to Set up a Resilient Permaculture Farm – William Horvath The Permaculture Apprentice

How to Set up a Resilient Permaculture Farm

In a world where extreme weather events, looming financial crises and stupid politicians are the norm rather than the exception it’s a smart move to join the thousands of others who are working their way into a more self-sufficient and resilient position.

In this presentation, William will talk about what you should do in the face of these challenges if you already have some land to start your homestead or a farm.

William and his wife live in Croatia, a country that has been through a five-year war in the early 90-ties and recently an eight years long recession and slow economic decline – the past and a present that may become a future for many countries of the world.

Drawing on the experience of this most likely real life ‘collapse’ scenario, we’ll explore steps you should take in setting up a resilient permaculture farm and different ways to start building resilience into your life today. We’ll also touch on real life design examples of resilient permaculture farms and deconstruct their successful strategies in achieving self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

Meet Your Presenter

William Horvath

William Horvath The Permaculture Apprentice

William Horvath is the mind behind Permaculture Apprentice, a blog that deals with the practicalities of making a transition to permaculture lifestyle and starting a permaculture farm. As a permaculture farmer, designer and researcher he documents his experience of setting up a permaculture farm and deconstructs proven models, strategies, and techniques used by many successful permaculture farmers. His website is rich in practical information, including free resources, step by step guides, articles, and case studies.


Meet Your Moderator

Partner, Director of Education PermaEthos

Josiah Wallingford started working for Hewlett Packard at the age of 15 as a technical support representative. By age 17 he was a national technical support trainer for HP technical support representative.
When he turned 18, Josiah joined the U.S. Army as an active duty 19D (Cavalry Scout). While in the military he trained army units heading to Iraq and Afghanistan at Fort Irwin, the National Training Center (N.T.C.). He did one 13 month tour in Afghanistan attached to the 101st Airborn Division stationed at Camp Delta in Bagram Airfield where he toured and monitored the Parwan, Bamyan and Panjshir provinces.
After an honorable discharge from the military after eight years of service he became a project manager for what is now SmartTV where he installed high speed internet (HSIA) and video on demand platforms in luxury hotels throughout the United States.
In 2013 Josiah applied for and was awarded an internship with Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Josiah and Jack become close friends and formed PermaEthos with three additional business partners in 2014 where he is now the Director of Education.

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