• James Smith "Smitty" says:

    Great Video.

  • Crewser says:

    Nice video. Good to see the keyway being put in. Would love some slow down points with commentary added.

  • derek says:

    Wow, I’m impressed.

  • Derick says:

    Great video you guys! Looking forward to the next one!!

  • Love the password. 😉 wink wink

  • What a big move!
    Love the password btw. 😉

  • derek says:

    You need to do a video about the name Elija springs.

  • Bryan says:

    Great video. I would appreciate some explanation but not subtitles. I like the slow down + commentary. To me, totally ignorant of all that was accomplished, it looked like a lot of double work but I know it was necessary for some reason.

    Great, precision work by the operators!

  • Yarrow says:

    I just get black screen of death. Nothing even prompts for password. 🙁 I even paused my ghostery settings, and have the site allowed.

    • Yarrow says:

      Please disregard my comment on blackscreen of death I figured out the issue. I had to open another tab type in vimeo.com and hit allow. then refresh this page and it worked.

  • nick says:

    Alright, alright!!! Very excited to see this and cannot wait for the official kickoff. Outstanding work to everyone involved in putting this stuff together. You are all breaking new ground!!!

  • Bones says:

    Loved the video – but one word of critique. When I attempt to view the video in full screen the other videos show up in their small windows superimposed on the full screen obstructing the view. Not sure if this is a coding glitch, a vimeo glitch or something wrong with my system.

  • Kerry says:

    Very nice video. Play worked fine on iphone w/mobile data. Just a personal preference, but I would like to see the music at a lower level–I’m thinking about when there’s talking, like in previous videos and PDC videos. Also, a bass cutting filter will help cut the ear fatigue for those of us relegated to earbuds.

    Looking forward to the PDC start. Just finishing the GL online one now.


  • David Hogan says:

    Nice vid. If only you could toss up a dam that fast.

    I had no issues with chrome on win7. Every aspect loaded and played flawlessly for me in both regular and full screen.

    Good job guys.

  • Wallace says:

    Very cool and great job ya’ll!

  • tbascom Vermont says:

    i agree with crewser and bryan: the time lapse is fun, but i’d love some commentary about the technology. it’s esp. up for me right now as i’m researching and self-educating in preparation to build my first, smallish ridge line pond, which i would like to have in place by late fall to catch and hold spring snow melt.

  • tbascom Vermont says:

    btw, i like the categories and submenues on tv.permaethos. as you are able to build it out, it’s going to be a great resource! can hardly wait.

  • Don says:

    Dam good video, keep them coming.

  • J.R. says:

    A time lapse is a great way to get brief overview of a project. I sure that once we venture through some of the earthworks of the course, some of these steps will bring more understanding.

    Those dirt-boys were certainly enjoying themselves! Thanks for the early content and invite.

  • Michael says:

    Great video, look forward to seeing more. Keep it up.

  • jwhitmore says:

    How many days did the dam project span in the video?

    I can’t wait to see the detailed videos, especially the one for the keyway.

    • Reconnoiter says:

      13 Days on the dam itself. They were here over a month, working on our parking lot & campground (for workshops), as well as a silt pond, and 3 small livestock ponds. We also had them install all of our roads, culverts, and lane ways. I’ve got it all in the cue for PermaEthos.tv!!!

  • Diane says:

    Good God, you built a dam. A dam. I mean, seriously? I didn’t even know regular people could do stuff like that. Really hope you’re planning to give us the blow by blow cuz that is just freakin amazing.

  • Kyle says:

    I am 31 and technologically illiterate. I live off-grid in a 200 sq ft cabin in the desert with my wife, with no internet. I am using the internet at the library in the nearby town for this PDC. Now, on to the problem. I have the password, type it in, hit “Watch Video” and then the video never plays. I am using a MacBook Pro (if that makes any difference) that I am not worthy of. I would love to watch this video, and am looking forward to my first PDC! Any help from this awesome community is much appreciated, and I will cook a Red Desert Dinner for the one with the solution! Kyle

  • Scott says:

    Nice as an overview/teaser, but does not “teach” anything. All I see is some dirt being moved around and you end up with a pond/dam. I sure hope that the PDC does NOT take this approach for video. Don’t want to be negative, just providing my personal opinion/feedback. Why even post something like this?

    • J.R. says:

      Hey Scott,

      I think you got it in your first sentence. It’s an overview & teaser. Also gives us hope of what is to come. If he captured a time lapse of this, what else did he film. Behind the scenes stuff that only a few will get to see, like us. Can’t wait for the PDC to kick off!! Love it!!

    • Reconnoiter says:

      Thanks for your feedback Scott. The Learning Center and the PDC are where you will find educationally based programing. PETV is for entertainment. We will be including some informational content, but the primary focus is to give everyone a look into the world of PermaEthos and Elisha’s Spring. Keep watching 🙂

    • ModernSurvival says:

      Scott, perhaps as you learn about earth works and pond construction you might actually learn a lot from a video like this. Again it is just a teaser, if you want a refund well um, PE TV is FREE to all Class 001 Members for at LEAST 90 days.

    • ModernSurvival says:

      @Scott let me also add perhaps there is a miscommunication here. PermaEthos.TV is an entertainment and educational program. It IS NOT THE PDC, it is not part of the PDC, it is not a course, it doesn’t come with a certificate. It will be very educational but entertainment is just as important to us there.

      Again though if you learn about dams (and you will in the PDC) and you were teaching someone else about them, this would be an incredible educational tool. The key is you would have to know what you are seeing for that to be the case!

      I am actually looking forward to how as students really learn things that they see things like this in a new light.

      To make a point, the first thing I asked Kelly when I saw this video a few weeks ago was, “you guys hit rock putting in the key way didn’t you”?

      Yep there is a lot to learn here.

    • Scott says:

      Okay everyone, thanks for your responses/feedback. Guess I came off as too negative. Looking forward to the PDC. I’ll pass on the refund offer, Jack. 🙂

  • David J says:

    Keep up the good work, the videos great!

  • Polemicturtle says:

    Happy to see the first Permaethos TV video.

  • Riley_P says:

    Great video! It played just fine on my android tablet, no issues whatsoever. It’s just amazing how much work goes into these things. Was what looked like smoke the ‘hitting rock’ as Jack mentioned? I really liked seeing the people in the shots standing next to the earth movers. It changed my whole scale as I thought the dam was going to be smaller initially.

    The excitement is building, well done all!

  • rawquilter says:

    When I was a kid my stepdad was a construction worker who drove those kind of machines, kind of nostalgic to watch. It was also neat to see the pond built. Thanks for posting the video.

  • Emily says:

    I loved the music! I had to watch it three times to try and really see how it works. Wrapping my mind around excavation projects is new for me, but we are working a design for a property that would definately benefit from some dams, swales and other excavating. I can’t wait for more.

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