Complete & Total Soil Nutrition – Episode 8

Complete & Total Soil Nutrition

Modern agriculture is focused almost solely on growing plants…at the expense of soil. The simple reality is that healthy soil grows healthy plants. If farmers are doing soil testing the focus is on “essential elements”, or those elements required for plant growth. This is what the plant HAS to have, not what the plant WANTS. Big difference. This week we will be exploring the relevance of trace element fertilization through foliar sprays, Sea Energy Agriculture, ORMUS, Biological Transmutation, and much more.

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Meet Your Host

Evan Folds got his start in agriculture by founding a gardening store called Progressive Gardens that specialized in hydroponic and beyond organic gardening techniques. For over 14 years Evan honed his craft and learned the art of teaching and connecting with an audience on the subjects of gardening and health.

He closed Progressive Gardens in 2016 to focus on his current company Progressive Farms, a consulting and product development company focusing on regenerative agriculture. Progressive Farms manufactures the Microbe Maker compost tea system and formulates an amazing compost tea recipe that can be used at home or on the farm.

He is a partner in the Farm-A-Yard project that delivers dynamic and easily replicable steps to farming residential landscapes for homeowners interested in growing more food, and even turning it into a business.

Evan is passionate about growing soil, healing the Earth through nutrient dense food production, the need for personal agriculture, and healing people through vibrant local food economies.

Through his consulting work he has worked to develop the method of BioEnergetic Agriculture, which seeks to increase the life force of living systems through physical, mineral, biological, and energetic influence.

What we think, we grow. Evan is active in performing lectures and workshops for gardening and farming groups, and interested in broadening our literal and spiritual vocabulary as a means of reaching the aspirations of human potential. He is a contributing writer for many reputable international publications including Garden Culture, the Biodynamic Association, Urban Farmer, Maximum Yield, and more.

He has a BS in Biology and a minor in Religion from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and resides with his wife and two children in Wilmington, NC.




  • Sea Energy Agriculture, by Dr. Maynard Murray
  • Secrets of the Soil, by Tomkins & Byrd
  • The Body Electric, by Robert Becker
  • Minerals & the Genetic Code, by Charles Walters & Dr. Richard Olree
  • Biological Transmutation, by Louis Kervran

Meet Your Moderator

Partner, Director of Education PermaEthos

Josiah Wallingford started working for Hewlett Packard at the age of 15 as a technical support representative. By age 17 he was a national technical support trainer for HP technical support representative.
When he turned 18, Josiah joined the U.S. Army as an active duty 19D (Cavalry Scout). While in the military he trained army units heading to Iraq and Afghanistan at Fort Irwin, the National Training Center (N.T.C.). He did one 13 month tour in Afghanistan attached to the 101st Airborn Division stationed at Camp Delta in Bagram Airfield where he toured and monitored the Parwan, Bamyan and Panjshir provinces.
After an honorable discharge from the military after eight years of service he became a project manager for what is now SmartTV where he installed high speed internet (HSIA) and video on demand platforms in luxury hotels throughout the United States.
In 2013 Josiah applied for and was awarded an internship with Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Josiah and Jack become close friends and formed PermaEthos with three additional business partners in 2014 where he is now the Director of Education.

Questions and Answers Session

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