• shane says:

    I would like to see how the tarp is attached, and a walk though would be awesome after they are in action. Thanks so much.

  • shaun campbell says:

    great design, looks simple. could that be pulled by one person?easily?
    thank you

  • Pat says:

    Looks like good design. Why is the whole thing enclosed with a tarp?

  • Derick says:

    Love the simple idea! Can’t wait to see them in action.

  • Kevin says:

    Great video, can’t wait to see how the runs will be attached.

  • Eric says:

    The tarp is for weather protection rain wind and shade from the sun. Hope that helps E.

  • Jeff says:

    I made a very similar tractor (based on Darby Simpson’s design) and it works great. I love it because I can stand up inside it when I am working with the chickens and they have plenty of room to move around. I can move it around by myself pretty easily since I put some wheels on the back, but my wife might struggle with it a little bit. I had to put chicken wire around the whole thing and used part of another cattle panel to cover most of the back side. Are you guys pretty confident that the tarps alone will keep the chickens confined?

  • Conrad says:

    A chicken Quonset hut? 🙂

  • Don says:

    How do I view this file in the Vimeo app instead of my tablet browser? When I search Permaethos in Vimeo it only shows a Swale video and food forest one. What tag should I be using?

  • David Hogan says:

    Fantastic. Any plans on uploading or posting the sketch up files of the things you build?

  • ModernSurvival says:

    Let me help everyone out a bit with this. You see a tractor in the conventional sense, a place the birds stay all day. We are not taking that approach. This “tractor” is more a mobile coop and shelter. It is where the birds go for shade when they need it and where they sleep. Around this will be about 100 feet of electro net. The birds will be more accurately paddock shifted with these “tractors” acting as a mobile coop, source of shade, weather protection, etc.

  • Christian Kettner says:

    cheap…easy and functional wins the race…love it

    • Reconnoiter says:

      $150 in materials gets you 80 sqft. of lightweight moveable wind, sun, and rain protection, that you can stand up in, AND will take a snow load. I’m thinking about building a couple for motorcycle and Kubota parking.

  • NickJ says:

    This gives me an idea. I’m not supposed to let my hens out of the run/coop but I could make a mini tractor that looks like a row cover.

  • David says:

    And, you could wire nesting boxes into place very easily as well. Definitely the build project soon!

  • Cory says:

    excellent. I built one of these last year based on Texas Prepper 2’s design. It has held up well except for the tarp. having the correct size tarp helps immensely.

  • Krista in C-bus OH says:

    Love the simple design!! I will be curious to see if the electronet will keep the predators at bay. We are looking for land here in Central Ohio and concerned about coyotes, they are quite a nuisance here for farmers.

  • Ashley says:

    Jack/PE crew have you done paddock shift/day range compared to tractors/joel salat in style, we’ve tried both and the paddock seems to take more work, and seemed less productive, as the chickens didn’t really forage a whole lot, and preferred to sit next to the feeder, though we did continuous feed instead of daily fed, but we also would have trouble with inclement weather, as the chickens would either sit next to the feeder , it would protect them, or they would bunch at the door of the shelter and not all file in and many would pile outside the door thinking there was no room in the shelter, we remedied this partially by opening the shelter up more so they could go inside at more points than just one. With tractors, less problems with inclement weather (as long as you don’t get 10″ of rain over 2 days and have standing water on flat pasture!), birds trimmed grass because they got new grass every day (individual tractors much easier to move than the electro net) I can move 7 tractors by myself and feed much quicker than I can set up another electro fence to move birds into, move the shelter, feeder, watered through fence opening, and then have the chickens move too…just noughts, I didn’t give paddock shifting a second try after how disaster ours it went for us last year, too many lost birds in rains storms, and leg and heart issues from birds not moving around…I do like the design, though you may want to watchtower he cross braces on the bottom with smaller birds, if it’s chilly when they’re first put out and they pile, some will get stuck under the braces and don’t tend to make the morning…just my 2cents

  • Matt says:

    How do I get a password?

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