Ponds and Earthworks in Northern California – Wofatis – Planned Communities and more

Episode 0001 Show Notes

Paul Wheaton and Josiah Wallingford discuss ponds and earthworks in Northern California, wofatis, planned communities and more with a live audience on our first weekly episode of Permaculture Smackdown.


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Paul Wheaton Bio Photo

Paul Wheaton Permies.com Richsoil.com

Paul Wheaton is the tyrannical dictator of Permies.com, the largest permaculture forum on the web. As a certified master gardener and permaculture designer, he’s built an empire around what he calls, ‘infecting brains with permaculture’. His forums are full of rich information, and there are a number of great free resources, guides, and articles that can be found on his sister site, Richsoil.com as well.


Partner, Director of Education PermaEthos

Josiah Wallingford is a permaculture instructor, Partner and Director of Education for PermaEthos, and Owner of Brink of Freedom.

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